Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby Animal Days

My girls loved going to Baby Animal Days! Ava's favorite were the baby bears. They were so cute! Lyla seemed to just like everything! She wasn't scared to touch anything she could get her hands on. The poor animals were probably scared of my kids. Ava was holding one of the baby ducks and got a little scared and decided to throw it a few feet. :) We had a fun day! We were glad we got to spend it with Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Brown...Thanks for taking us.
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ava's Dance Pics

Ava loved taking dance this year. She is super sad it is over. Her favorite movie to watch in the car while were driving is her dance recital. She is learning all the other groups dances, its so cute. Ava can't wait to start back up again.
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Lylas 1st Birthday

There was no question that Lyla knew it was her special day. She had a little attitude about her thinking she was incharge! For her party we did the balloon thing. When you are a 1 year old whats more fun than a room full of balloons as big as you to play with. If Ava had her way she would of had a room full of hands everywhere. She told us that we should have a hand party because Lyla just loves to wave to everyone! That is why there are hands on Lylas cake, we had to do something with hands! Ava was pretty proud she got to design Lylas cake. The cake was a little scary at first with Lyla until she realized it was something really yummy for her to eat. We had a fun day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYLA WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!
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Ava & Lyla

I finally got around to posting these cute pictures my friend Jada took of the girls! She did such a great job! My girls are growing up way too fast!
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We went camping to Moab for Easter weekend with the Chadwicks, Johnsons, and Bentleys. It was so fun being out on the rangers all day and ejoying eachothers company. We got to enjoy some nice sunny weather (finally). The Easter bunny found his way out to Moab. He spoiled all the kids with a big Easter egg hunt and lots of other goodies. It was nice to get out of the house for a weekend, its been way to long since we left for a vacation! Thanks Zach for getting everything ready and making such a fun trip for us all to enjoy!
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Ava's Dance Review

This was Ava's very first dance review!! She did such a good job! We were so proud of her. It was so cute watching her up on stage. She was not shy at all!!! Ava keeps asking me when she gets to perform again! I love how much energy she has. Good Job AVA!! We love you so much!
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Friday, February 5, 2010